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Color Snap

3 years 7 months ago
Color Snap


There are 10 million colors exist in our real life that we can see. We can only use limited ones due to the limitation in fabricating and production. For instance, you can choose a color to paint your house with but when it come to real-life, the color differs than what you picked. On the other hand, you can see a color but it may seem strange and you can not describe it and hope to pick this color and save it.



Color Snap a mobile application that takes the advantage and comes over this problem. You can take a photo, then pick any color in this photo and save it. Moreover, this application is connected to a Sherwin-Williams store. ColorSnap takes the guesswork out of color choice. Get a sneak preview of your finished project by virtually painting your own room. Before you paint it, see it on your walls.

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