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Titan Note

2 years 9 months ago


Whether you’re in class or an important meeting, it’s stressful making sure you’re taking the right notes and retaining all of the information. Imagine never having to worry about taking notes. Imagine just putting a stylish device in front of you that does the job. Imagine always having your own personal secretary. Imagine how much time and energy you save. That is all possible, with the power of Titan Note. Simply press record, lean back and never stress about taking your notes again.  


Titan Note is a device that accurately takes, summarizes, translates, shares and edits notes like never before! Simply place Titan Note on your table during class or a meeting, and it will not only record everything but accurately convert it to text. Titan Note is a groundbreaking tool that will improve your learning by changing how you take notes. In addition, the device is incredibly smart. Not only does it convert to text, but Titan Note can also distinguish who is speaking as well as translate and summarize your text. You can also use the app to share and edit your notes. All you have to do is press a button and Titan Note will do the rest. While the device is busy recording, you can stay alert during discussions, meetings, and lessons so you never miss a thing.

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