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#TalentSpotlight By HireHunt Discovers The Hidden Talent and Bring Them To Light

3 years 3 months ago

HireHunt - the most interactive talent platform- turns the hiring process around through their new initiative #TalentSpotlight. Talent Spotlight is a weekly post where HireHunt chooses the most interesting talents (applicants) – in different areas- who joined HireHunt and feature them on their Facebook page.

The concept behind idea is “reversing the way applicants and employers meet: through a job post” says Basil Fateen, HireHunt Founder and CEO.

HireHunt team wanted to show their brightest talents – they talents that they wish to have if they had an office space- so instead of relying on job posts only they wanted to ease the process and bring the talent in front of the employers.

“We believe that often hiring bias makes employers skip over great people due to gender, experience or background. That's why we put their talent in the spotlight here.” Fateen adds

So if you believe that you have the brightest talent that HireHunt is looking for and tired from submitting your CV everywhere and no one calls you back submit your application here, maybe you will be the next talent.

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