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Meet The Eight Startups Who Made It To GITEX This Year

GTEX 2016 has just launched the most global startup movement with more than 400 entrepreneurs, 250 regional and global VCs, investors and mentors from over 60 countries. This year ITIDA/ TIEC wanted to introduce the world to Egyptian tech startups by featuring them at GITEX.  ITIDA/ TIEC choose eight tech startups to showcase their services and concepts as well as engage in the mentoring sessions.

Each startup shared its experience with EgyptInnovate and talked about what they did, and what they benefited from GITEX.

Spime Sense Lab:

Spime Sense Labs (S.A.E) is an Egyptian Joint Stock Start-up Company formulated by expertise in telecom & IT industry. Spime Sense Labs team is focusing on developing Master of Things- an innovative for developing IoT and machine to machine applications.  Master of Things will help its users improve their profitability operational efficiency and enhance the quality of life for individuals.

Spime Sense Labs also provide consulting services and training courses for IoT application development for various industry segments using MasterOfThings visual IDE.

Bassem Boshra, Spime Sense Labs CEO, said that GITEX was a very good opportunity them to network and show the world what they had been doing through face to face meetings. “We had the chance to do live demos of our platform to our partners and prospect customers not just in UAE and MENA Region but also from European countries such as France and Spain.” Boshra said, “We have also been approaching our partners over email and skype during the year.” He adds.

Fifth Dimension (5D – VR):

5D -VR is a digital studio based in Cairo, pioneering the creation of absorbing VR/AR experiences. They deliver immersive digital realities that result in total emotional engagement as well as provide a total immersion and an unforgettable experience.

5D -VR has been creating and providing AR solutions since 2011 and introduced VR into the regional market in 2014. They believe that “VR is such a disruptive technology it’s, in fact, a new dimension of human experience and space and time became variables at our command.”

Maged Farag, 5D -VR HR and Administration Manager said, “It was a sort of recognition for us since we were one of the 30 companies who went and pitched on stage.” Farag also said that they got invited to another event in Kuwait this month along with another startup from Jordon representing the Middle East with another 8 startups from all over the world.

“We also signed a couple of contracts with companies from India and England and we are working on demos for their products.” He adds


Nozol is a platform for housing that provides complete information and images about the listed properties, that makes it easier for people to buy, sell or rent their properties.

Ahmed Ezzat, Nozol Ceo, said that it was a good opportunity for Nozol to get to know more about different startups in MENA Region and how do they present their products.

“We attended different sessions as well, that discusses how startups can develop the community, additionally, we met 5 different investors and we made some deals with Saudi Arabian companies – although nothing is finalized yet.” He adds

Ezzat sees that GITEX was a great opportunity for them since they got exposed to the startup's ecosystem and the market in the MENA Region in general. And most importantly, they fulfilled their main goal from the visit which was meeting investors and VCs.


AbuErdan is a cloud-based service that gathered its power and competence in data analysis and management services in obtaining the best cloud solutions that can serve under domains such as agriculture. AbuErdan manages poultry farms on the cloud with zero CapEx and leverage system features as traceability from supermarket products to all poultry value chain modules.

They analyze data and display it and compare all key performance indicators with the standards used in the corresponding farms.

Ismail Khalil, Abu Erdan Ceo, sees that GITEX was a beneficial networking opportunity “We met different people from the ecosystem and met different potential customers, however, we didn’t close any deals yet.”


3Bont is a global football content hub that aims to collect and unite news as well as social media content, videos, highlights, and live in one single tailored timeline.

Mohamed Abdeltawab, 3Bont Ceo, said: “It was a very good networking opportunity for us, we met several investors as well, however, no deals were made at all.”

Business Sense:

Business sense started developing software solutions since 2013. Business Sense created solutions serving their customers in different industries including contracting, telecom and manufacturing. In 2015, Business Sense was able to add new business partners as the EBRD in Egypt.

“GITEX was a good opportunity for Business Sense, now we have 2 customers from the event and we have an investor who will help us develop our application “helper -one of the services that they provide- and we are in the phase of processing with them.” Said Emad Beshir, Business Sense Ceo.

“The other thing is the technology and how they take good care of the technology there in comparison to Cairo for example, so it was important for us to go and get exposed to different mindsets.” He adds


IntCore is a web solution, mobile application, and digital marketing specialized company. Eslam Ramadan, IntCore CEO, said that although the participation approval came late “We tried to do our best using our resources, we tried to do a marketing plan that helps us expand in the market and create relationships with partners as well as set meetings with some of them.”

“We established good connections and got feedback on our work, we were able to know where the market is going and what are the market trends.” He adds


WebVille is specialized in content discovery solutions. They process the content available online, analyze its impact on social media, measure its quality then present it to its users through a built-in Artificial intelligence engine. WebVille launched its first application FoodVille – the first and largest recipe search engine in the MENA Region.

“We understood the importance of GITEX because at the end our market is there, Egypt is an important market as well but 70% of the investments for online ads lies in GCC -Gulf Cooperation Council-.” Says Amir El- Sherbiny WebVille CEO.

He also said, “we got positive feedback and there were different investors seeking to meet us.”

In sum, GITEX was a fruitful experience for these companies and good experience from all aspects that any startup should not miss.

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