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Support Egyptian Startup Bionic Limbs Winning UNESCO's Campaign "Closer to People"

Egyptian startup, Bionic Limbs, was selected as a part of the UNESCO’s campaign “Closer to People” that aims to bring technology and science closer to people, celebrating the brightest innovators and showcasing world-changing projects and initiatives.

Bionic Limbs is a prosthetic limbs startup that aims to provide the physically disabled with wide variety of open source solutions that boost their productivity. Their first product is “hand prosthesis”, which is body-powered mechanical hand that allows the amputee to do daily activities as normal.

The coordinators of the “Closer to People” campaign are CIKT, an NGO that helps tech owners launch their products on the market, and Internest, a company responsible for delivering an online platform. The campaign has also brought together over 70 partners from all over the world, for example UNESCO, EuroScience, TechFounders or IAESTE. Projects submitted were divided into 10 different categories, and every person who registers on Internest website has the opportunity to vote for one project in each of the categories.

  • Follow up these steps to vote for the only Egyptian startup in Closer to People campaign:

                                      1)       Register

                                     2)        Log in with Facebook

                                            3)      Vote for this project

The winning projects will win the opportunity to present the project to multiple organizations, investors, and accelerators. Bionic Limbs startup is number one in the healthcare category, voting will close on the 28th of February. Support the Egyptian startup Bionic Limbs, and vote here

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