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Smartwatch for Kids

4 years 1 month ago
Smartwatch for Kids


Most parents nowadays consider it very important for their children to always carry mobile phones. This maintains an easy direct communication line between the parent and child. Nowadays, however, there are only smartphones available; children are forced to carry around a heavy gadget that can be easily lost. Kids also use smartphones differently, needing certain functionalities more than others. The high-tech features, email application, syncing across devices and many other properties will go completely unused while many other functions that parents need are not available. Thus, there is a lack of children-parent tailored devices in the market.



Here’s a solution: To cater more to this age group, we can limit their carry-on communication devices to a smartwatch, ensuring it won’t get lost as easily as a phone. Adding more features, like GPS locator and an emergency button that notifies parents, the product would be more specific to its customers. Since it’s for kids, different designs can be made to make it more appealing. This idea is open for many more innovative additions.


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