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ITU Global Innovation Forum to take place online 26-30 Oct

ITU Global Innovation Forum to take place online 26-30 Oct. The ITU Global Innovation Forum, 26-30 October, will be a five-day, virtual, immersive event that will take the participants on global and regional learning journeys, with insights from 80+ experts in the field, including ICT ministers, influencers, VCs, entrepreneurs, ecosystem development partners, and corporate change-makers.

Under the theme Unlock your digital ecosystem’s potential, the forum will empower the participants with new approaches, insights, tools, frameworks, communities and relevant case studies to understand how to create sustainable digital innovation ecosystems that accelerate digital transformation. All core sessions will be available in the six UN languages.

On the event app, the participants will be able to network with each other from around the world and attend keynote speeches and panels from high-level speakers on topics from storytelling to scaling up your start-up. Browse the global and regional agendas to discover the forum’s three tracks: high-level dialogue, ecosystem champions and networking & digital experience corner. 

The event is targeted at digital change-makers, policy-makers, the private sector, academics, entrepreneurial support organizations, entrepreneurs, financiers, community development managers, international organizations and media. All core sessions will be available in the six language of the UN.

If you are interested in helping develop your country’s ecosystem, Register Here.


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