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KabaQ: AR Menu App

4 years 1 week ago


Did you ever go to any restaurant and wanted to try a new dish? But you were afraid that it won't taste good? Also did you ever to a menu and tried to read it but you failed because simply you didn't understand the language? Did you ever tried to make your own dish but you simply couldn't because of the limited resources?

Then it causes a loss for the restaurants too when they made many of dishes and they through it in the trash. because many of people can't understand most of the dishes that written on the menu, also not understand the recipe or what it contains. another issue that people don't know when they ask for the order, what is the extra things they can ask for to make the flavors better.



hen meet AR menu App. Since technology facilities everything. nowadays, even in the food industry to save you from the hassle of choosing between too many dishes, AR menu App, will help you as a customer or owner restaurant from this hassle. AR menu App is an augmented reality app that helps you see you dish in 3D by using photogrammetry technology. AR menu app can be also used for online ordering and cook books. ARmenu app will help its users to try new menu dishes without fears and help them add their favorite flavors to their food.

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