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EngineerexTech 2021 for PRO-TECHIES is here! Gear-up for the PRO-EDITION Oct 29-30

2 months 3 days ago


Engineerex Tech is coming in a PRO-EDITION this year, and designed for PRO-TECHIES!

Like no time before, the Pro-Edition is a special 2-day Digital Edition of #EngineerexTech that connects experienced and senior technology professionals, developers, and engineers, with hundreds of tech experts, world-class tech speakers, deep-tech talks, world’s leading technology companies, and thousands of exclusive talent-matching opportunities; all exclusively for professional and experienced techies!

With technology taking over the world more than anytime before, Pro-Techies are becoming the core growth engine for the technology scene. Pro-techies, this edition is for you, and it’s the one event you need to join this year.

Gear-up for the PRO-EDITION 29-30 OCTOBER

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