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Social Carpooling Mobile Application

3 years 10 months ago
Social Carpooling Mobile Application


Who’s not tired of wasting their time and energy in Cairo traffic or finding parking spots? A private car is a resource that is not utilized efficiently. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam that seems to snake down forever and you look around you, you’ll notice that most of the cars have a single passenger on board, that’s 75% of unused capacity! So drivers, how about monetizing your empty seats?


The carpooling application makes being on the road green, cheap and fun! It helps reduce high levels of environmental pollution, traffic and parking. The application matches passengers from the same social circles by connecting through their Facebook. This guarantees that your ride will be with people from more or less the same social standards: students attending the same university or employees in the same company to make the ride more friendly and pleasant. The application can also allow passengers to give feedback, and rate the driver. 

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