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Water Fuelled Car

4 years 10 months ago
Water Fuelled Car


The ozone: the life of us all and the one primarily being harmed by car exhausts. When we think of cars, we think of fuel and gas shortages, exhaust and pollution. There have been many alternatives offered such as electric cars and solar powered cars. Each comes with its limitations as well as advantages.

Electric cars face the inconvenience of non-availability; they need to be plugged into huge, public, power outlets and take some time to do so. Solar energy is a limitation for many countries as well and is not available all the time. We need something that is a constant, that will be environmentally friendly and be widely available.



Water! A water-fuelled car is a car that would derive its energy directly from H2O. Hydrogen is an intensely high-energy substance, however, it is also flammable and can burn.

Hydrogen’s useful energy, though, is released when water is formed. Water is a safe and stable element that is found everywhere and thus would be a perfect solution for our gasoline problems.

It also would help save the Earth. Even though science is still far from creating a water-fuelled car, this is an option that should be taken into full consideration for the future of cars and the Earth.  


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