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Traveller App

2 years 7 months ago
Traveller App


Millions of Egyptians use the railway lines to travel from a governorate to another. Most of the train passengers don’t know the exact place of the train and how much time is left until they reach their destination, and there’s nothing to alert them that the train is close to their destination, which makes them aware the whole trip to not miss their station. Also, trains get disrupted a lot of time and it’s hard for passengers to know the place of the closest ambulance or hospital or police station. 


Traveller application is an app to serve all railway lines passengers. It allows the passengers to know the exact place of the train and the exact time to reach the station. The app has several different features like: tickets reservation, broadcast security messages to the passengers about safety and emergency acts, show the exact stop stations, a map that shows the train’s activity, numbers of the police and the ambulance, speed of the train, broadcast messages for each passenger before his destination to be ready, allocate the train when it’s disrupted and allocate the closest transportation, hospital, ambulance, and police station. 

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