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Presence 360

3 years 3 months ago


The need to watch what is going on in your house or office while you are away is a big need. Almost everyone desires to feel that his home is secure and that if anything went wrong he will be notified. Actually, the security cameras are somehow expensive which makes it not affordable for everyone.


Presence 360 came to solve this problem in a very easy and inexpensive way. Presence 360 is composed of two main components which are the free mobile app which is called “Presence” and the security robot. All you need to do is to connect this robot with an old, unused smartphone and this robot will use the phone’s camera to record what is happening inside the house. Besides, Presence can detect any unusual motion and it immediately sends a notification with a video of what is happening inside the place. Another feature that Presence offers is the 2-way video calls where you will be able to communicate with your family or pets without even the need to answer the phone.

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