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MIT Media Lab Dubai


Aug 2016



Sep 2016

Alserkal Avenue -...
07:30 To 17:00
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Community Jameel and Wamda
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Lately, the MENA region has seen cities rise rapidly while other ancient cities are falling, forcing millions to seek refuge in Europe and the Middle East. Innovative approaches to rebuilding cities need to be created in order to support basic daily needs as well as accommodate population growth. MIT Media Lab is a multi day workshop focusing on redefining cities. It aspires to develop advanced plans in agriculture, architecture and urban planning that will last into the future.


The workshop’s attendees are a collection of innovators, designers, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, technologists, researchers, hackers, doers and artists from the MENA region and from the MIT Media Lab community.


The event aims to combine culture, knowledge and skills from a wide scope to build, redesign and prototype an urban future. Attendees will have a chance to build new prototypes while receiving advice and mentorship from MIT Media Lab faculty. At the end of the week, groups will present their outcomes while some projects will be chosen to be implemented with the aid of regional collaborators. The workshop also aims to strengthen relationships within a community of entrepreneurs and designers.


The event is free and open to anyone. Selection of participants is on first come first serve basis. Get your tickets here.



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