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Vezeeta partners with MSD Egypt to drive nation-wide public health awareness campaigns through cutting-edge digital solutions

MSD Egypt, an affiliate of the global pharmaceutical leader, disclosed a new partnership with Vezeeta the global digital healthcare powerhouse that serves and empowers patients in every step of their healthcare journey by tapping into the power of data and knowledge. Vezeeta is transforming the booking experience of more than 5 million patients across 6 countries, by enabling them to search, book, and review the best doctors and medical services in just one minute. Vezeeta also provides innovative SaaS solutions to more than 30,000 healthcare providers listed on its platform.

“I believe that our partnership with MSD Egypt will deliver a truly unique value-driven solution that has the potential to improve healthcare across the nation at scale. By using accurate and authentic data to drive public health awareness, we can ensure the very best of medical care for our communities. As digital healthcare leaders, and trusted partners in the region, we’re proud to join forces with like-minded pioneers who have made incredible strides in healthcare and continue to tap into the power of technology to improve the lives and wellbeing of our people,” said Amir Barsoum, Founder, and CEO of Vezeeta.

This collaboration mainly directed to increase public health awareness among patients and healthcare providers by providing MSD’s authentic medical information and scientific updates to doctors on Vezeeta’s platform via its digital channels in Egypt. Through Vezeeta Doctors’ app, healthcare providers can access digital awareness campaigns. For the patients, they can access the latest, live information via Vezeeta’s social media channels.

“Our partnership with MSD Egypt is focused on developing an intelligent ecosystem, built on advanced platforms and AI-driven capabilities, that help make healthcare and disease management in Egypt more convenient and efficient for all. At Vezeeta, we remain committed to empowering patients and doctors with knowledge and data to ensure the well-being of our community, and this partnership furthers our mission to do so,” said Ola Aly El-Din, Business Development Director of Vezeeta.

MSD Egypt’s mission is to build and promote a Medical Education Development program for healthcare professionals in the country. They adopt innovative and active digital activities to raise society’s awareness about public health. Accordingly, their collaboration with Vezeeta is fully aligned with their mission.

 MSD Egypt as a leading company in biopharmaceutical innovation plays a vital role during the Covid-19 pandemic to expand the accessibility of medical services and information depending on new-age solutions. 

Vezeeta’s Doctors’ app provides a perfect key for MSD’s targeted content to reach over 16,000 doctors, enabling efficient disease management through the platform. Vezeeta currently serves more than 5 million patients across 6 countries with a network of over 30,000 doctors on digital healthcare platform. It offers different services for patients; doctors’ appointments booking platform, telehealth solutions, online ordering, and delivery of medications. 

“This pandemic has triggered an unprecedented demand for digital health-tech solutions, that we believe, will power this initiative and will help us achieve our ultimate goal to bring our science and support to healthcare providers for improving patients’ lives. For this reason, MSD Egypt is glad to enter the collaboration with Vezeeta, because furthering digital transformation and reimagining our ways of working, are key pillars in MSD’s strategy to fortify our future,” said Dr. Ramy Koussa, Managing Director of MSD Egypt Cluster.

For more than 125 years, MSD has been inventing for life, bringing forth medicines and vaccines for many of the world’s most challenging diseases in pursuit of its mission to save and improve lives. MSD continues to demonstrate its commitment to patients and population health in more than 140 countries by increasing access to healthcare, to prevent and treat diseases such as diabetes and cancer through far-reaching policies, programs and also partnerships.

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