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Metaverse… The Next Chapter of Internet Journey 1- 3

1 year 2 weeks ago

From its inception to the present, the Internet has gone through three stages or three chapters of the Great Internet Book. The first chapter was on communication and access to information sources, and its tools were simple and uncomplicated: e-mail and web pages.

The second chapter was on network economics, through this chapter economic business was done digitally and its instruments were linked to the value chain of economic operations and included non-monetary means of payment from electronic currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The third chapter is more about more effective communication between users, whether it be economic or social communication, which has evolved several times in a short period of time, and whose most important tools are social media platforms and smartphones.

We are currently in chapter 4 of that network, which Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced is changing its name to "Meta" to use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies in a more integrated and comprehensive manner.

I can't hide my admiration for this young man's activism, his foundation, and those who support him in his rapid development, which goes from class to class quickly and in a very glamorous way.

If his company's motto is Connecting people together, the Metaverse principle will do this ably, creating an integrated virtual world in which humans live almost permanently and can do what they did before, and also adding new patterns of communication and entertainment that were previously unavailable.

It's like what we've seen in science fiction movies before. By wearing a sophisticated camera and a number of other sensors like a glove and a shoe and so on, the metaverse user will be able to create a whole new world.

Mark will launch a series of applications under the name of Horizon, by which the user will be able to create a presence in this world by choosing a code or format that mimics its normal shape, which is called Avatar.He will also be able to build a home of his own with the Horizon-Home application and shape it as he likes, it may be a small house or a mansion.

Also, through Horizon-Worlds, you can walk around to see new worlds, some of them are Simulation of the known reality and some are a completely created new worlds that you might simply be able to stand under the Eiffel Tower without leaving your house, or you might go to a remote island to enjoy the beauty of nature, or take part in a cartoon of Tom and Jerry. We will continue our discussion Tomorrow.

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