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Stetla3’s Vlog Overlooks Startups’ Journey and the Challenges Entrepreneurs Face in the MENA Region

3 years 11 months ago

Stetla3, a socially-responsible internet media startup focused on communicating diverse human experiences; launched a Vlog last week. The Vlog aims at sharing the journey of building the startup itself as a way to highlight the challenges entrepreneurs face in the MENA region.

“I think entrepreneurs in the MENA region are still largely misunderstood and continue to deal with a high level of societal pressure as a result of their professional choices,” said Sarah Kurdi, Stetla3’s founder.

“Thus, launching this Vlog sounds like the next logical move after launching #powerofawareness last May because it complements our efforts in focusing on the key role awareness plays in reducing societal pressure”. She continues

Kurdi explains the message behind Stetla3’s Vlog and says “The key message here is that entrepreneurship is a journey that comes with many chapters. Each chapter with its unique set of challenges and opportunities will certainly leave you an entirely different person with new perspectives, new convictions and new ways of doing things. So, don’t forget to enjoy the ride”.

Check Stetla3’s Vlog above and share yours.

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