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Seedstars Academy For Entrepreneurs Opens in Egypt

Seedstars Academy, an academy for teaching entrepreneurial and technological skills, has opened in Egypt on Friday. The academy aims to teach young people how to build a business while getting paid during their training period.

According to seedstars website, their six-month program teaches participants many skills including project management, business modelling, and digital innovation skills such as UX/UI and online marketing. Seedstars is launching the Academy to educate entrepreneurs in residence in Egypt and enable them to spread the use of internet and digital technologies, to combat its rampant youth unemployment rate, which according to the World Bank is over 30%. 

The academy pays the participants to “ensure that people who cannot afford to pay for education or can’t afford to not be paid for six months can still attend the program.”

The academy has a challenging selection criteria that tests the candidates’ tenacity, storytelling and their ability to sell among other things. “The acceptance rate is in single digits,” according to the website.

Seedstars academy started in March 2016 in Nigeria, and it has another branch in Ivory coast. Apply here for the openings in Seedstars Academy as well as the other current positions open for Cairo, Egypt. 

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