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Roboost closes six-figure Seed round

1 year 6 months ago

Roboost (previously known as Tayar), Egypt’s leading delivery management solution which launched in 2020, has secured a six-figure seed round from Falak Startups, AUC Angels, and a follow-on funding from Flat6Labs.

Roboost is an AI-powered automated delivery management solution that digitally mimics real-life operations and handles day-to-day situations, capable of self-learning to optimize every aspect of the delivery operation. The aim of the solution is to give retail, e-commerce, cloud kitchens, and delivery provider businesses control over their delivery operations by making it simpler and offering real-time data. The system first integrates with the client’s selling channels, enabling it to automate order management, group optimization, route optimization, automated dispatching, and delivery agent performance management, while monitoring all these factors in real time.

“With Roboost, we’re helping businesses reach their full operational potential, and we’ve seen this as our clients reached the ultimate desired time of 20 minutes for customer satisfaction, and reduced their costs drastically by 30%. With data collected from 2,200+ delivery agents travelling more than 9 million kilometres, we are always looking for new ways to improve our clients’ delivery operations and add new features. The radical and transformational change in the delivery operations positioned us as the optimal solution for local and multinational brands that we are proud to serve with a 100% retention rate,” shares Co-founder and COO Hassan Kamel.

“Our next goal is to empower SMEs by automating their deliveries through Roboost’s AI delivery marketplace, to be able to provide the best customer experience and grow their businesses,” said co-founder and CEO Mohamed Hassan.

“We are very happy to further support Roboost’s team in adding value to their clients through their innovative AI-powered solution. We believe that this funding round will accelerate Roboost’s growth by enhancing its AI delivery management solution and expanding its product offering. We’re excited to see what’s next for Roboost and how their technology will further empower their customers’ growth in Egypt and beyond,” shares Mohamed El Ghannam, Principal at Flat6Labs.

“Roboost is a company we are lucky to stumble upon, not only an incredible team with the grit and persistence to build a great solution, Roboost comes in to offset the environmental impact caused by the quick commerce race while offering a boost to their operations, a win win situation.”, shares Ahmed Hazem, Managing Director - Falak.

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