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PayFort releases "The FORT" and "START" to support online payment in the Arab world

6 years 1 month ago

PayFort, the leading Arab online payment platform released two payment tools recently. START supports startups and SMEs to join the e-commerce market easily. On the other hand, The FORT targets enterprises who want to develop and optimize their online payment methods. PayFort now offers solutions that allow companies of all sizes to join the e-commerce market and offer customers a trusted and secure online payment method.

Online payment has always been a hassle to startups, due to its cost, legal and banking requirements. START offers a solution through their user-friendly online payment application. Startups can now create their START account and offer their customers a simple friendly interface for online payment on the same day. The service awaits launching in Egypt by mid-2016.

The FORT helps large companies to offer their customers online payment methods across several platforms and countries. Companies can optimize their customer's experience enabling them to pay through desktop, mobile and mobile apps. The FORT will allow merchants to save customer's credit card details to ease repeated purchases.

PayFort was founded in 2013 in the UAE and is now available in six countries including Egypt. The platform offers the online payment service on more than 600 websites in the Arab world. PayFort offers services in several sectors including, air tickets, hotels, electronics and mobile phones.

Photo credit: Payfort



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