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4 years 2 months ago

The events feature is a digest about events happening soon in Egypt, Middle East and North Africa or globally. The feature will be always updated with a wide spectrum of events happening around you. From a seminar to a conference to a workshop or a scholarship, the events feature is designed specially to meet interest of all EgyptInnovate users.

Who should use it?
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a startup owner, use the tool to know what is happening next weekend. The events feature will help you meet and connect with people who share common interests with you. 

When to use it?
Instead of just reading, or connecting online, you can go to events and meet people live. The feature will help you stay alerted, and find events that are relevant to your business and personal needs. 

How to use it?
Click on the "Connect" tab, and go to "Events". The platform will have an events calendar showing all the upcoming events to the website users. Every article will include event's information, for example: event name, type, website, location, duration, targeted audience and cost. You will be able to view the events in different formats.

You can choose to see Daily/Weekly/Monthly calendar view. You can also add events to your personal calendar and receive a reminder before the event. Don't miss this feature and get connected to innovation and entrepreneurship events whenever they happen.

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