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Innovation Marketplace

3 years 8 months ago
Innovation Marketplace

Open Innovation is a growingly important concept that helps research-based companies in cutting in- house R&D. In addition, tighter resource constraints limit Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) to promoting only 5% of campus innovations. This is where the Innovation Marketplace can help. This platform will act as the marketplace to showcase technologies, inventions and intellectual property that was developed by innovation actors. The marketplace will also facilitate matchmaking between innovation actors and eventual IP commercialization through licensing and selling off IPs

Who should use it?
This is a wonderful way for innovators, universities, and technology transfer offices to showcase their technologies and IP to other innovation stakeholders such businesses, investors and fund agencies inside and outside of Egypt

When to use it?
Many patented innovations remain in the drawers of patent offices without ever being translated into a viable product or service. This online marketplace enables innovators to showcase their work in past, present – even future. Companies can find – or sponsor – great ideas to grow their businesses.Innovation Marketplace will provide a quick and cost-effective way for us to achieve this while bringing strong connections to top institutions.This part of the platform will be  a common ground for both innovators and investors, it will be the main reason behind transforming a lot of ideas and prototypes (intellectual properties) into actual products, services or businesses.                     

How to use it?                    
Go to the Discover tab and click on InnovationMarketplace, If you own an IP you’ll be asked to register and fill your IP information. You’ll find a toolkit for IP that will help you describe your patent or invention in a better way. If you’re a company or someone who is seeking to acquire an IP you’ll have access to browse all the patents/IPs exhibited on the platform and connect with their owners.

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