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zSpace: Augmented Reality Learning Tablet

zSpace: Augmented Reality Learning Tablet


The typical explanation of math and science subjects is extremely theoretical. Even when showing videos to demonstrate the idea, you are not able to view all dimensions of the objects and divide it into parts.


You can see the future of education through zSpace augmented reality tablet which provides you with interactive holographic lessons. Its lightweight glasses allow the 3D images pop off the screen with an ability to manipulate them with a stylus. The device is given to US schools to be tested. Hardware, software, and educational material are needed to operate the tablet. There are various applications and educational material of zSpace such as zSpace Newton’s Park, Human Anatomy Atlas for zSpace, and zSpace Aquarium.

There are many advantages of the tablet are

  1. A technology that combines AR and VR in one computer to create lively immersive and interactive experiences.
  2. Provides a natural experience of AR and VR through its thin and light weight metal frame and glasses.
  3. All your senses are used to make a seamless experience with familiar interactions. Freedom is given to the stylus’ six degrees.
  4. You can share your experience with audience and peers.

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