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Tempescope - a Box of Rain In Your Living Room



Sometimes we wish we knew how the weather is doing before we went out. Even though there are many weather apps, but people still don’t always use them. With a tempescope, you don't have to open an app to find out if it's going to rain today - just take a glance as you leave the house!


The tempescope is an ambient physical display that visualizes various weather conditions like rain, clouds, sunshine, and lightning. It's like having a window that lets you look outside at tomorrow's sky. You can also specify a location from the tempescope app, and your tempescope will always be "synced" to a distant sky. The tempescope connects to the internet via your smartphone. Once you setup the tempescope and the app, the app will automatically upload the latest weather forecast in the background when you're near the tempescope wirelessly. It’s so good to know the weather forecast in a beautiful responsive climate display like this. 

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