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Linking Mobile Credit With Bank Credit Card

2 years 11 months ago
Linking Mobile Credit With Bank Credit Card


The cash money faces a lot of problems including: it might get lost, damaged, stolen, or counterfeit. Also printing different currencies has a huge cost, despite the rise of technology of communication and mobile phones. And we still use the same old way for buying and selling transactions with regular money or through bank checks, and the old way of financial transactions between individuals or institutions. 


The solution is linking the mobile credit with the bank credit card: so that the increase of credit in mobile means increase in the credit card and vice versa. That way, the customer will be able to drag the credit in his mobile from an ATM and he will also be able to deposit money at the ATM to send it to other people in the buying and selling process. Thus, the owner of the card will be able to drag some cash from the ATM scattered in all places in his time of need for cash. And for transitions, it should be protected by passcode and people who will receive the transition should get a text message with the exact amount and the mobile number of the sender. With the rise of this service, the use of cash money will fade and the transactions through mobile phone will grow. And this is considered a solution for all the problems the cash money faces, and by this your mobile phone will be your own wallet or pocket money. 

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