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Kid-friendly Hospital Scans

4 years 3 months ago
Kid-friendly Hospital Scans


Traditional diagnostic imaging equipment in most hospitals follows a standard procedure designed for all patients. The hospital environment with its unfamiliar people, tools, smell and sounds make children uneasy. In most cases, kids have to be sedated in order to lie still for the test. So why don’t we tailor the process for kids and make it an enjoyable experience?



“Kid friendly hospital scans” transforms the stressful experience for children in hospitals into a fun one! A customized diagnostic imaging process for children can create a visual story based on specific themes such as space, pirates or underwater adventure. The hospital rooms dedicated for kids can also be customized with drawings and paintings on the wall or equipped with interactive screens and 3D movies to entertain the kids without affecting the medical results.

Photo credit: prnewswire

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