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IconA5: Sea plane of the Future

2 years 11 months ago
IconA5: Sea plane of the Future


According to, Amphibious planes offer a hybrid option between land-based and water-based flight operations by including either wheels attached to the floats or retractable wheels in the case of float planes. Most modern floatplanes are usually made of land-based aircrafts with replaced floats mounted to the plane’s fuselage instead of existing landing gear which allow your aircraft to be amphibious. The amphibious and float planes have the ability to be multifunctional which is preferred by people who often travel to rugged places unequipped with landing strips.


Icon A5 is an amphibious winged watercraft that has the advantages of seaplanes. The two-seater plane is made of carbon-fiber materials. It’s 7m (23ft) long with foldable wings that are 11m (35.8ft) wide. It has a 100 horsepower engine that makes it fly at 110 mph for up to 450 miles. Even it can land on grass field and run on pump gas through its retractable wet landing gear. In addition, it may operate on and around sea water but it should be rinsed with fresh water post-flight. The plane guarantees safety  features as it has a complete airplane parachute onboard for emergencies. For more info click here.

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