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3 years 3 months ago


Very often we come across a situation when we need to answer or to make an important call but there is no way we can do this, mainly, because of several reasons: first of all, we don't want to bother people nearby, second of all, we don't want to share our conversation with strangers. Now there is a solution how to avoid such inconveniences: HushMe - personal acoustic device that will help you to protect speech privacy in open space environments.


HushMe is a device to keep your phone conversations private in close quarters, it is a modern muzzle created for the phone addicts. The Bluetooth-connected device is worn around the face and neck, with the large, padded mouthpiece designed to muffle your voice to prevent people around you from hearing you clearly, in a train carriage or a cafe, for instance. The built-in microphone should ensure that the person you’re chatting to has no such problems trying to understand you, and you can converse hands-free thanks to the attached earphones. Hushme, however, goes even further by allowing you to completely drown out your speech with a selection of noises played through its inbuilt speakers. 

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