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3 years 2 months ago


Almost every professional photographer has collected an impressive number of valuable equipment, and they all hate the trauma of constantly losing gear. The bond between professionals and their work equipment is special: anyone who’s experienced can tell you that the worst feeling is losing or forgetting your essential gear. If you are constantly misplacing your belongings then this device could save you a lot of time.


GearEye is a smart gear management system for on-the-go professionals. It enables you to manage your equipment through thick and thin: organization, tracking, and making sure you always have everything you need whether at home or on the job. GearEye is a game-changer for anything, it works by tracking RFID tags which have been stuck to things you want to group or locate. These tags are tracked by an app on your phone which can locate anything that is missing whenever you want. GearEye enables you to organize your most important equipment into gig specific groups - so that you always have exactly what you need when you need it. This way, you can quickly and easily make sure you have what you need for today’s studio session (not last week’s beach shoot).

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