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"The Commuter" Smart Jacket

3 years 5 months ago


Bikers and drivers in general can’t use their mobile phones while driving, but sometimes they wish they can just use it quickly to answer a call, ask for directions, or choose songs. Even though most bikers put the headphones while driving, it’s still distracting for them to use their phones even to just skip a song. 


Google and Levis partnered together to bring a smart jacket “The Commuter” to the market using a technology codenamed Project Jacquard. The Commuter jacket comes with a Bluetooth cuff that pairs with a smartphone to let you get directions, adjust the volume on your music, change tracks, or answer a phone call -- all triggered by finger swipes on the jacket's fabric. The idea is the built in interactions that bikers can use to control their phones safely while riding. It’s expected that the jacket will be out on sale soon for $350. 

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