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Girls On The Road - Entreprenelle


Jan 2017

GESR, Cairo, Egyp...
11:00 To 17:00
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Summits / conferences


Event Details

Entreprenelle is organizing “Girls on the Road” event to highlight women’ successful stories. The event will tackle the success stories of women in different industries that are stereotyped to be for men only, such as Fleet management, Transportation industry, and Sharing economy. The women speakers in the event will talk about their journey, the challenges they faced, and how they made it up to top positions in key industries.


The event is for women entrepreneurs. 


  • To know more about women’ success stories and highlight them.
  • For other women to get inspired and follow their dreams.


Register here. The ticket is for 75LE as a contribution for Entreprenelle to keep empowering women to design and lead their own independent lives. 


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