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Metaverse… The Next Chapter of Internet Journey 3- 3

Mark set up a set of parameters that he will start to apply with metaverse launch, including ease of use, control, security and privacy, in full transparency - as he said -. He promises not to surprise users with any changes in the system at all until they are reported and accepted by them.

Mark also expects the number of metaverse users to reach 1 billion over the next 10 years, which is linked to the time period for the development of applications and tools, as well as the development and increase of information network speeds from fiber optic cables and satellites, as well as the significant development of mobile network technologies from the fourth generation to the fifth generation 5G.

The project is very large and has a lot of programming for applications and technical tests, a large - scale integration of artificial intelligence technologies and the Internet of Things, a lot of scientific research to develop VR virtual reality tools. In addition to the availability of affordable tools that allow users to try and buy them, as well as work associated with a large and attractive business market in this new world.

As for us ,users, it is expected that the real - life homes of the future will have little furniture and many empty rooms in which users of this technology will be present. I don't rule out the perception that the streets of the future will be empty and the sports clubs will be without tools, but they will also be available on Metaverse for exercise or hiking.

In the future, married couples may not need much furniture, because most of the time will be spent in virtual homes, which may be problematic when claims are filed to remove the transfer list, or cases may be transferred to virtual courts that impose prison sentences or deny access to Metaverse until the husband's sentence expires.

Of course, Mark hasn't touched on the psychological and perhaps mental effects and social and family changes that will occur as a result of being indulged in a world where there are no time barriers, no space, like the rules in the real world. One person might die, and users won’t be sad to lose him because they simply can live with his Avatar and interact with the deceased person without any problem. This is where human emotion gradually loses its power.

We're not going to talk about the shape of future families and the importance of having a father and mother. That's something that we're seeing at the third level of the Internet, so what about the fourth chapter that metaverse technologies lead?

I reiterate my admiration for Mark and his ambition, but I invite sociologists, psychologists and clergy to sit together and conceive how to live in this near future.

Photo by: Jessica Lynn Lewis



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