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Growth Hacking 101!

This slideshow explains what growth hacking is and how did Instabug use growth hacking to reach its position in the market today. This slideshow was a part of RiseUp Summit’s sessions and was presented by Yasmine Helmy who is a growth marketer at Instabug.

Instabug is a technology company based in Cairo that specializes in building the support kit for mobile apps by providing solutions as in-app conversations and bug reporting. Currently, 15,000 companies are using Instabug worldwide, including companies like SoundCloud, eBay, Paypal, Yahoo, Lyft and thousands more. 

800 million users to date (around 10% of the world's population) use Instabug, leading us to gain a lot of expertise when it comes to beta testing and app development. Instabug supports iOS, android, cross-platform apps, and have recently launched Instabug for the web to allow testers and users to report bugs right from the website. 

We are a team of 40 passionate developers aiming at providing our users with the best tools needed to take their apps places. Instabug started in 2012 in Cairo and have raised 2M USD from some of the top investors in the world including YCombinator and Accel Partners.

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