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Build Your Own Startup - Types of Entrepreneurs (3/25)

4 years 8 months ago

Ebtedi Mashrouaak (Start Your Own Startup) is a course -for students and aspiring entrepreneurs- that discusses the meaning of entrepreneurship and if one wants to be an entrepreneur or not. Part of the curriculum is based on research and the other part is based on interviews with entrepreneurs who already made it to the market and achieved margin growth. 

Throughout the course one will learn what is entrepreneurship and its effect on the Egyptian economy. Additionally, you will learn about the specifications of an entrepreneur and the steps you  should follow to start building your own startup. You will also get to know if your idea will serve a big sector or not and if it is going to succeed or not. Last but not least, you will learn more about competitors and investors. 

So if you have an ideas and you don’t know from where to start, watch Ebtedi Mashrouak episodes.

In this episode, Shady Barakat types of entrepreneurship in details. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to see successful entrepreneurs and their experience in entrepreneurship

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