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“From Idea to Startup” the Silicon Way


Sep 2016

18:30 To 21:30
Event Organizer
The Entrepreneurial Wave
Event Type
Summits / conferences


Event Details

The Entrepreneurial Wave, which started early this year to highlight the entrepreneurial journey a lot do not know about; from an early stage to the most difficult ones, through asking renowned experts. 

Through this event, The Entrepreneurial Wave will start a pre-accelerator program for the sake of guiding aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build their startup. The program is called “Silicon Alps” and is centered in Switzerland to help entrepreneurs start and sustain their businesses.


Attendees should include, aspiring entrepreneurs starting their own companies and anyone with ideas to start businesses whether on their own or through a partnership with an employer.


Participants will:

  • Join an accelerator and obtain seed funding in 6-9 months.
  • Reach the minimum viable product phase and going on the market through forming a team with at least 2 co-founders.


Registration is free until September 8th.



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