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4D printing: materials can now build themselves

3 years 9 months ago

3D printing has evolved in many ways since the late 90s, now, 4D printing can double the benefits of 3D printing. Skylar Tibbits, the MIT scientist, contributes to the formation of this new innovation, which he calls 3D print with the fourth dimension, which is time. Imagine a printed tube that is capable of feeling when it needs to stretch or shrink. Tibbits technology allows us to print things that are able to subsequently restructure themselves and assemble themselves over time.

The name "4D printing" came when Tibbits and his team were trying to describe objects printed on 3D printers and afterwards developed in a way that turns it into a smart object. The applications of 4D printing are endless from construction to fashion and sportswear, the printed material are able to change its structure over time when confronted with a change in its environment.

In this video, the pioneer of 4D printing demonstrates his work on stage with real 4D printed material. Technology innovations have no end and definitely this one will change the world of mechanical engineering and industry.

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