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Keyboardio Model 01

Keyboardio Model 01


Most of the people spend their days at a keyboard - most of their nights, too. The keyboard is how we practice our craft. Something even a little bit more comfortable makes a world of difference. Something even a little bit better designed will help us be happier and more productive. There are plenty of ergonomically shaped keyboards in the market today, but if you are looking for one that is stylishly designed and has mechanical keys and comfortable to use, then you’ll only find the Keyboardio Model 01. 


The keyboardio Model 01's base is made of two slabs of maple wood, which you can attach together with a brace, or you can keep the two pieces separate. According to the designers, using plastic just didn't feel right, so they went with wood for a more natural material feel. The Keyboardio has a rather unique shape as far as keyboards are designed, but this is meant to be an ergonomic position as it lets your wrists rest naturally, which in turn could help prevent carpal tunnel. It costs $299. And if you pay $10 more, you can get premium tactile switches with an audible click. included with the two halves of the keyboard are two connecting braces, the source code for the microcontroller, and a screwdriver so that you can open the keyboard up and tinker around inside it. To know more about it, click here

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