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Pitcherific: How to Prepare a Better Pitch

Pitcherific: How to Prepare a Better Pitch

What is this tool?

Pitching is one important step that makes or breaks your idea or startup.  Pitching is all about convincing the person in front of you either to work with you or invest in you. Pitcherific is a digital pitching training tool that allows entrepreneurs to practice their pitches and prepare their presentations. The online tool presents different types of pitching templates for entrepreneurs to choose from.

How to use this tool?

Pitcherific is a user-friendly tool where users can start practicing through 4 steps.

Step 1

Go to Pitcherific, create an account and verify it.

Step 2

After signing in you will be directed to your pitching page which will act as your guide and help formulate your pitch.

Name your pitch and choose the pitch type and it will set the time automatically.

Step 3

Follow the instructions and fill the template given then start practicing your pitch.



Step 4

After practicing your pitch send to an expert to review it.


Other than the ideas and startup events pitches that have different types there are also other categories that entrepreneurs can choose from which are pitching for investors or even job interviews under each category users will find several types.


Karam is an entrepreneur who struggled at pitching his idea in front of people so when he searched on the internet he found and started navigating the platform and then decided to sign up.

After activating his account Karam navigated through the different pitching categories. Then chose to pitch his idea first so he named his pitch, filled up the template below and started practicing his pitch.

He then moved on to the next step which is pitching for startup events and then started practicing again and then he went to different events and started pitching successfully.

After a while, Karam wanted to pitch his idea to get fund from investors he visited Pitcherific again but he found that he must upgrade his account in order to practice the investor’s pitch so he did and now Karam is practicing to pitch in front of investors and he is ready to get funded.

Pros and Cons

The tool is user friendly and users can easily navigate through different pitches for free however, users need to upgrade their account in order to have unlimited pitches, customize their pitches, access the investors pitches, export the pitch to powerpoint presentations as well as navigate through different versions of the same pitch unlike the free account that gives makes you save only one pitch.

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