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Mind reader

4 years 3 weeks ago
Mind reader


It’s frustrating to be unable to express your thoughts and needs to those around you! It’s also stressful for people around you who wish they could understand you! This is the case for many people: introverts, babies, mentally disabled people and deaf-mutes. How about a tool that reads their minds? Sounds like science fiction huh? Wait till you know the science behind it!



The brain Computer interface (BCI) technology is based on the extraction of brainwaves and translating them into electrical signals that are further processed and translated into actions or used to detect specific states. BCI can be used to understand emotions, to detect pain, sleep and other states that correspond to significant changes in the brain’s electrical activity. The technology has already been used in neuromarketing, gaming and in some medical applications such as controlling a prosthetic arm or a wheelchair for disabled people.

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