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Startups Galaxy & DbSE Announce Strategic Partnership To Link Startups and Coworking Spaces and DBSE (Database for Students and Entrepreneurs) announced a long-term strategic partnership that will work on connecting startups and coworking spaces in Egypt.

In this partnership, will have all its co-working spaces databases moved to platform, which will allow them to be discovered by Startups Galaxy’s startups, entrepreneurs, students and freelancers looking for places. Startups Galaxy will provide DBSE with exposure benefits on the directory and give a special launches package for their growth and expansion.

“I’ve personally used DBSE. Working with partners like them means we can both benefit from each other’s products and hard work. For Startups Galaxy, we believe that coworking spaces provide internet as the most basic feature. We need to pinpoint where the internet is in Egypt,  because that’s the blood for most businesses. Coworking spaces and internet services will grow Egypt’s ecosystem,” says Nono Ghannam, Founder of Startups Galaxy.

“Even though lately we’ve been focusing on education and schools, we felt that co-working spaces will be more discoverable on Startups Galaxy platform which matches this audience more. I loved the idea of Startups Galaxy and that their direction is very clear about startup services. They collaborate and build on existing networks.” says Salah, Founder of DBSE.

It won’t stop there. DBSE and Startups Galaxy will work on making reservations for the coworking spaces possible online with very simple steps. Any coworking space looking to host people will be able to reach out to anyone for meeting spaces, private offices, shared desks and bookings for events.

This partnership is expected to be well received by many, especially those in the early phase looking for a space to work from and for coworking spaces looking for marketing. The official launch of this new Startups Galaxy platform will be on 25 October.

DBSE (Database for Students & Entrepreneurs), founded in January 2017. In 2 years they partnered with coworking spaces for marketing, exposure, monitoring & consulting. They shifted to education and schooling systems in the past year and will be their future expansion plans. 

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Startups Galaxy is a platform showcasing startups in Egypt and connecting new founders to the right services online to successfully start their ventures.  

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