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Instabug: The Egyptian Startup Improving Experience for 1.5 Billion Users Worldwide

Instabug: The Egyptian Startup Improving Experience for 1.5 Billion Users Worldwide

The use of mobile applications has seen massive growth over the past few years. Today, many users prefer using mobile applications instead of websites for functionality, and according to Statista, more than 6000 applications were released every day on the Google App store in the first quarter of 2018.

To have a successful application with satisfied users, mobile developers must dwell into the feedback of users and improve their application continuously. While this can be a difficult task, Instabug, an Egyptian startup, is now thriving on this business, with global clients such as Samsung, PayPal, and Soundcloud in their portfolio.

Instabug provides its clients with a number of products that allow them to optimize their applications and communicate better with users. With integrating Instabug’s app and tools, clients can get organized in-app feature requests, in-app feedback and bug reporting, and lightweight in-app crash reporting in one place.

We talked with Donia Shaarawy, People Partner at Instabug, and she told EgyptInnovate the story of the startup and its massive growth and development over the past few years.


“We have 1.5 billion users worldwide, 1.5 billion devices have Instabug, that’s like 20% of the world population,” said Shaarawy.

When asked about the kind of feedback Instabug’s team receives, Shaarawy said, “we shorten the time for developers to be able to fix the problem in their application, and it’s a very easy way to get feedback from your clientele.”


“It’s basically that we’re scaling. Marketing the product on a global scale, we’re making a product with a global impact...It’s a very exciting thing. At the same time another challenge is the use of the latest technologies in the field, we become capable of being up to date with the market, and always keep learning,” said Shaarawy.

Funding and Achievements

“One of our biggest achievements is building a product that people love and winning users hearts. Our clients love our product and our team... Another achievement is scaling at such a short time,” continued Shaarawy.

Instabug won first place and a prize of USD 50,000 in MIT Enterprise Arab forum Startup Competition in 2013, then Instabug got two rounds of investment, the first one was at the end of 2013 where they got USD 300,000, mostly angel investing, then in 2016 they raised USD 1.7 million in a second round of funding led by Yc and Axcel, Axcel is one of the biggest VCs funding in the U.S market.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“Basically, always ask for feedback from your clients, and based on it, start improving your product and keep improving, always go through this cycle. Feedback is what will help you improve,” concluded Shaarawy.

Photo credit: Instabug’s Facebook page. This photo was taken in 2013 when Instabug won first place at MIT Enterprise Arab Forum Startup Competition

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