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Describing Egypt

Describing Egypt

The Describing Egypt project aims to provide a full description to different ancient locations in Egypt using 360º VR immersive experience to be their medium. Describing Egypt allows its users to walk through locations that are difficult to access by bringing it to their screens.

Salma ElDardiry, Motion Designer, Compositor and Photographer, and Karim Mansour, software Developer and Tech master, Describing Egypt founders aims to not only show pretty pictures on their platform but they also aim to tell real stories about the location itself and their owners, also follow the progression of art, culture, and architecture across Egypt's long, rich and diverse history.

Currently Describing Egypt are focusing on the Ancient Egyptian Tombs of The 30 Dynasties reign which spans across 3000 years (2859 years to be exact from 3200 BC to 341 BC).


According to Salma, their main impact on the society as a whole is introducing popular and unvisited aka hidden place that people do not know about. Using 360º VR method, the team provides its audience with high-quality pictures and detailed information about each location as if he/ she is physically there.


Although people were so welcoming and helpful, the main challenge that Salma and her team met was that there were places where no one is  allowed to enter unless they have a photography permits. however, there are some sub-challenges that the team met such as finding the information about the content they will use in Arabic.


Salma sees that Describing Egypt’s team main achievement was in education since now some for their materials are shown as an example in schools outside Egypt where history teachers show it to their students as if they have visited the location.

Success Factors:

Salma believes that their success factors are quality and education. “The quality of the material and the content (photographed) itself.” she said as for education she adds “providing information about the location in a detailed yet simple way differentiates us from others.”

Say Something to young Students and Entrepreneurs:

At the end, Salma suggests that entrepreneurs should enjoy whatever they are doing even if they hadn’t a good start but once you start you will either continue or you will know that your idea is not going to work.


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