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Arabic Smart Text Checker

3 years 11 months ago
Arabic Smart Text Checker


We’ve all been typing for years now and our fingers flow across keyboards so quickly. Yet, we still miss a letter, a comma or just type up jumbled letters all-together. And it doesn’t stop there. You can skip and o in your “too” and the spellchecker won’t even notice. A lot of words can be turned into others with the change of one letter and your spellchecker won’t notice that error.



We are all in desperate need of something to save us. We need a smarter spell checker in Arabic. It would be able to infer from the text if the words fit together or not. There are so many features that can be added too. If it can infer the meaning behind whole sentences, then we can use it to translate better than current translators. Other features like Arabic spell-checking or a writing evaluation will be pretty helpful too.


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