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Business Sense Will Guide Your Startup Through The Hassle of Accounting

Business Sense Will Guide Your Startup Through The Hassle of Accounting

If you are an entrepreneur who just launched their business, most probably you will not be able to hire an accounting team to take care of dull tasks such as invoicing and billing. Business sense is a startup founded by Emad Besheer along with two other co-founders that focus on solving this issue. Besheer describes it as “a cloud application specialized in invoicing for service companies and startups.”

By checking their platform, you will find that business sense offers various services to business owners, including consulting services and IT solutions. They completed their idea by adding a community that has anything related to a software, such as problems with implementation. It’s a shared resource between companies. So they don’t need full-time employees for accounting. Through helper they can find any resource they need.

Besheer used their own company, business sense an example. This startup doesn’t have an accountant since they are a startup they can’t hire a staff.They might need a part-timer. So, on helper community, they have an application that people can work on, and find a  resource (employee) to help them as well. So you can do a subscription easily on the app for a small cost, around 15$ per month, plus you have a resource if you need someone in accounting and they do this transaction online.

They connect the person who does the transaction with the company that needs it through their platform. Resources are trained then put on the community, which is the helper app and the startups select any resource they need. The service can be given to individuals and freelancers as well. Besheer said that business sense targets freelancers because don’t have invoices, or they do it on software like word and excel, they can’t follow their transaction. They don’t have ratio analysis for example, which is what business sense offers and it allows them to follow all of their historical data.


“Entrepreneurs learn how to do business. We didn’t know how to do it, we were just good employees,” says Besheer. Besheer along with two other co-founders founded their company in 2013 after two revolutions in Egypt with a small amount of money but this did not stop their company from blossoming. He believes that the country’s conditions shouldn’t stop entrepreneurs from achieving their dreams.

“The market in Egypt is inconstant, so you have to be flexible to offer services that are really needed,” said Besheer, who clarified that Business sense had to add the helper department to reach a bigger market segment. Business sense has two departments, helper, which is a separate department the focuses on the cloud application and the community. The other one is the ARB. It’s for companies on a bigger scale, that has more than 50 employees. They need a different resource because their business has several departments like storage, sales, and purchases. But in Egypt, there's a problem of unclarity in this area. Therefore they headed towards another class. A very small one such as entrepreneurs and startups.

Besheer stated that they couldn’t find a market for ARB, therefore, they headed towards another market.

Funds and Achievements

According to Besheer, Business sense was funded solely by the founders’ money, and then their cash flow is customer based. In 2016, Business sense participated in GITEX tech week, and they found investors and customers interested in their company, which Besheer considered as a sign of success.

Say something to young students and entrepreneurs

Besheer said that young entrepreneurs don't need to focus on the recession on the Egyptian economy but to be open to new ideas to implement them in Egypt. "You need to focus on developing yourself. Tech(Technology) is changing every day. If you don’t keep up your idea will be implemented by someone else and you’ll be frustrated. You need to be very flexible because the Egyptian market isn’t very clear. You need to market your products online, outside of Egypt, which is much better because in other countries there is support for new ideas. The learning curve is your life and you have to be flexible."

This Story is written by Noura Shibl

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