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TIEC Welcomes Four New Startups into its Incubation Program

5 months 3 weeks ago

The Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) has welcomed four startups to its 29th round of its incubation program Start IT. These startups will be incubated at TIEC for one year and will be granted up to 180,000 EGP with office space, continuous mentorship and support.

The first startup is Milk Diamond, who offer a hardware device that helps dairy farms monitor their supply and quality of milk aiding them to increase their productivity and profitability. Secondly, there is Technowelle, an AI models training and data labelling platform which offers this service with half the prices and double the speed of current solutions in the market.

Thirdly, they have welcomed Plstka, a gamification mobile app that encourages users to swap their solid trash in return of discounts and vouchers in various life needs such as food, medical and transportation services. Lastly, they have Wasalni, who will be incubated virtually, a mobile app that allows users to go from cities to villages as well as provides different car types and packages.

The 30th round of Start IT is now open for ICT-enabled startups to apply. Startups need to have a MVP, at least 2 co-founders or a founder and a team, an innovative solution and founders need to be university graduates. To check more of the eligibility criteria and filtration process, click here.


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