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Payfort Launches their Accelerator for Fintech Startups

4 years 5 months ago

As a push to empower tech startups Payfort, the leading Arab online payment platform, launched their “Payforward” initiative. Omar Soudodi, PayFort managing director, announced that Payfoward is a fintech accelerator, that aims to increase chances of success in front of emerging companies which will maximize their role in the consumer service  in the Arab region.

The initiative will take place on Payfort platform and it will act as a hub for all entrepreneurs who work in the e-commerce sector to exchange knowledge and experience. Payfort started talking to 4 or 5 startups each will reach up to $100,000 in exchange for equity, and access to PayFort’s network. Also the company will seek to provide the opportunity for emerging companies in e-commerce field to interact and meet with large companies and advisors and help them develop their business and overcome their challenges.


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