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Karm Solar is to Cover 75% of Dakahlyia’s Energy Needs from Solar Power with 25 Million Dollars

2 years 2 months ago

Ahmed Zahran, CEO KarmSolar, just announced that KarmSolar just signed a deal with Dakahlia Group for poultry, Agriculture, and Fertilizers, Pesticides and Chemicals with 25 million dollars. The signed deal will deliver 23.5 MV which is estimated to cover 75% of Dakahlyia’s energy needs.

Zahran, Omar Hosny, KarmSolar’s CTO and Ibrahim Metawie KarmSolar’s general manager all mentioned that the real challenge is delivering the stations before the end of 2018. Zahran concluded his words by saying that their real goal “owning the technology not to using it.”

Watch the full announcement click here.

Image source: KarmSolar Facebook Page

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