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iOS 11 is Finally Listening to iPhone Users

5 years 7 months ago

The 2017 WWDC has come and gone and the announcements made ranged from new devices to new lineups, to software updates, but the most exciting announcement is iOS 11. The release is due in September, which feels quite a stretch away, for this update will relieve iPhone users of quite a few pains.

Many iPhone users are struggling daily with storage. Every few months you might need to delete some apps, photos and videos. With new photo and video formats, which allow for 2x better compression, you will finally be able to take twice as many photos before you have to go through this painful process again.

Smaller size, less quality? Not according to Apple. Photographers will still get to appreciate the improvements on the camera application with HDR mode and low light shots. Live photos will allow for trimming and changing the key photo, muting, and other fun features like looping and bouncing, as well as long exposure shots, as shown in the photo below.

Siri will also become smarter. A new translation feature makes traveling to foreign countries less challenging.

Yet one of the most overdue updates affect the control center. Starting September it will finally become customizable. And with 3D touch, the effectivity of the control center is maximized.

Safety is also a concern addressed with iOS11 when it comes to driving. The Do Not Disturb feature is receiving an add-on which turns on automatically when it senses that you are in a moving vehicle blocking notifications from appearing, assuming you have allowed the feature to operate.

These are some of the major changes to iOS, watch the vido above. 

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