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GESR Celebrates its first Cycle Demo Day

5 years 4 months ago

GESR – a program of Misr El Kheir Foundation – celebrated its first cycle demo day at Grand Nile Tower Hotel (Grand Hayat). GESR supported 6 different teams until they pitched their ideas and got feedback from the audience including investors.

Three teams represented the health sector; Naqaa, a startup that manufactures a machine using alternative environmental friendly process, that shreds and sterilizes hazardous medical waste into recycled material. BGAD, another startup or a developing of biological controls of mosquitos at all stages, using efficient and affordable natural oils instead of chemical pesticides.

Last but not least, Mogassam, which is a locally developed 3-D printing technology serving dentists and other medical applications. Mogassam were previously incubated at the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) and recently won 150,000 EGP from EBNI – ETISAL Competition.

The other 3 teams which represented Education, ICT for development, and Energy respectively are; Interact, a startup that enhances educational learning experience through their first product Touchizer, an interactive tool that turns any flat white surface into an interactive tool that uses all computer capabilities remotely. Interact (Touchizer) were one of TIEC’s incubated startups.

Then comes Insanyah, which was also previously incubated at TIEC, Insanyah is a social platform that connects NGOs with volunteers, donors and corporates’ CSR to solve community problems. And finally, the last team was Askova, which redesigned the horizontal wind turbine to operate in Egypt’s low wind speed. The turbine is designed to be used in multiple places such as homes, farms and resorts.

GESR is the perfect place for entrepreneurs who want to solve a social problem in food, energy, health, education and water using technology.

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