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Careem Ensures that White Taxis Will Help Them Cover Cairo Governorate

3 years 7 months ago

When Careem allied with white taxis a lot of people started questioning if that decision will help them move forward or will hold them back. To end all this Careem gave answers to all these questions and ensured that this alley will help them all areas around Cairo as well as develop their services.

Additionally, they said that they will choose the drivers cautiously and train them on how to use the app and meet their customer's expectations. Moreover, they said that the customer will be free to choose between 3 types of cars and rate the trip at the end as well.

Also, the drivers will gain a job opportunity and work through a developed system and this will help in developing the transportation all over Cairo. Last but not least, Careem said that the prices will be the same however, there will be a small increase in the fees in exchange for the service.


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